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Deck Release 003

deck release 003

Hello everyone! It's time for our third deck release. Get your cards while they're hot!

For this week, the chosen letters are: A, C, F, G, H, N, O Q, S, T, W, Y.
Congratulations to Chianna, Chrissy, Chuu, Dan, Emma, Faye, Grey, Kuri, Lee, Lex, Marge, Orange, Peophin, Ralene, Roax, Sam, Sou, Wing and Yingyu! Make sure to comment to the thread LETTERS so I can hand you your reward.

For anyone who is celebrating their birthday on February, please reply to thread BIRTHDAY.

Bear x 1
Chrissy x 1
Chuu x 2
Lex x 1

Please make sure to comment to the thread REFERRAL so I can hand you your reward.


These are cards/badges that have been fixed. Please update your collection with these! For badges, please comment to FIXES so I can get to it if you already possess this badge previously with the error.

Happy Chinese New Year!
You can get any 5 choice special/puzzle/single cards spelling LUNAR for this month (two from this release, three from older releases). Enjoy the holidays.

release 003
We have 71 Singles, 3 Specials and 4 Puzzle Decks.

You are allowed to get up to 8 Singles, 2 Specials and 1 Puzzle card. No two cards should be from the same deck.
If you donated to the Special Decks, you may grab your donated card.
If your image has been chosen for the Puzzle Decks, you may grab one puzzle card from that deck, separate from your puzzle deck slot.

Special Decks
★ Betsuma, Boys, Girls ★

Puzzle Decks
★ Butlers, Clans, Civil War, Investigation ★

Akaya Akashiya Ayakashino
★ Ranchuu ★

Axis Powers Hetalia
★ Alfred F. Jones, Yao Wang, Arthur Kirkland, Ivan Braginksy ★

Code Geass
★ Kallen Kozuki ★

Final Fantasy X
★ Tidus ★

Final Fantasy XIII
★ Oerba Yung Fang, Noctis Lucis Caelum ★

Fullmetal Alchemist
★ Alphonse Elric ★

Inazuma Eleven GO
★ Kyousuke Tsurugi, Hyouga Yukimura, Tenma Matsukaze, Yuuichi Tsurugi, Ryouma Nishiki ★

Lilo & Stitch
★ Stitch ★

Marvel Universe
★ Gertrude Yorkes, Molly Hayes, Kate Bishop, Theodore Altman, Nathaniel Richards, Karolina Dean, Elijah Bradley, Nico Minoru, Thomas Shepherd, Cassandra Lang, William Kaplan ★

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
★ Princess Luna, Princess Celestia ★

★ Hinata Hyuuga ★

Neon Genesis Evangelion
★ Kaworu Nagisa ★

Oujisama no Propose
★ Roberto Button, Edward Levaincois, Keith Alford, Wilfred A. Spencer ★

Persona 4
★ Labrys ★

Resident Evil
★ Chris Redfield, Sheva Alomar, Jill Valentine ★

Revolutionary Girl Utena
★ Anthy Himemiya, Utena Tenjou ★

Starry Sky
★ Kazuki Shiranui, Tsubasa Amaha, Iku Mizushima, Naoshi Haruki, Kotarou Hoshizuki, Ryunosuke Miyaji, Hayato Aozora ★

Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!
★ Mr. Hal Gibson, Nova, SPRX-77, Antauri, Chiro, Otto ★

Tales of Graces
★ Hubert Oswell, Asbel Lhant, Cheria Barnes, Sophie ★

Tales of the Abyss
★ Guy Cecil, Jade Curtiss, Luke fon fabre, Tear Grants ★

Tales of Vesperia
★ Estellise Sidos Heurassein, Yuri Lowell ★

★ Flynn Rider ★

The Lion King
★ Kovu ★

Umineko no Naku Koro ni
★ Ange Ushiromiya ★

Uta no Prince-sama
★ Cecil Aijima, Masato Hijirikawa, Ren Jinguji, Natsuki Shinomiya, Syo Kurusu ★

You can find a zip archive of all the decks here:
With folders | Without folders

For anyone who wants to make a player badge, you can use this template.

You are free to trade with everyone! You can use [community profile] nakama_trade for those who don't have trade posts.

This release is open until the next one comes out.
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[personal profile] chromoplasted 2013-02-11 05:12 am (UTC)(link)
Regular cards: bahamut01, zanarkand03, knightmare06, patriot07, boys16, girls04, investigation01

L: soLdier03
U: bahamUt13
N: kiNg03
A: Airwing13
R: zanaRkand10

Left: 4 Single Cards
Edited 2013-02-16 10:41 (UTC)