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Nakama TCG Is Now Closed.

Closing Nakama is one of the hardest things I've had to do in a long time, and I probably put it off longer than I should have. With college, life, stress, and the holes in my leadership skill set, I've been hearing my common sense tell me that I can't keep running this for much longer and have ignored it as much as possible. But eventually, it started to become obvious how run down the TCG was getting and how it either needed a massive dedication of time or to be put to rest. Sadly, I can only do the later right now. 

Nakama was the only active TCG to my knowledge that allowed western cartoons and comics, and that alone makes this hard as a huge animation fan. But the worst part is knowing about all the other people who enjoy Nakama and all the work everyone has put into it. No matter how much I tell myself "This is a game and other things need to come first" I still feel like I've let you guys down. And myself down - there are so many things I still wanted to do as a mod and so many decks I still wanted to master as a player!

I hate seeing TCGs close, and while I didn't found Nakama originally, it feels like my baby. Running it has been a massive learning experience filled with challenges, great people, and fun. Even though I'm sad now, and I'm sure I'm not the only one, I feel more like a part of the TCG community than ever and look forward to at least being a player in other great games for a long time to come. And maybe someday I'll at least be able to run a small website TCG for western animation because seriously, I love anime and all but I really enjoyed collecting ponies. 

If anybody is interested in running Nakama, has some experience as a mod working with FTP and MyTCG, and doesn't mind that it's a fixer upper, please PM me. 

Thank you so much to every mod, past and present, for making this run last as long as it did. Thank you for running fun games. Thank you for making gorgeous cards. Thank you for putting up with the antics of a first-time owner who really tossed herself into the fray without nearly the technical knowledge many of you guys have. <3

Thank you to all the players who breathed life into this community, had fun, and made it so hard to shut it down and I'm sorry I couldn't have made the experience last for years to come. I hope you all hold onto those lovely mass badges and have good memories of your time here. :)

If you haven't already, I highly recommend joining [community profile] pairings_tcg  or [community profile] colors_tcg  to fill the void! They're both wonderful and have aspects that inspired Nakama.